• AED 90.00 - AED 395.00

Curl Hair Treatment
Treat carefully your curls and let them look their best when applying this magnificent treatment that creates soft curls that last long. Buy it online now in Dubai.
Hair Repair
Contained protein and minerals, this Hair Repair promote cell regeneration and increase its growth leaving it silky and smooth. Shop the collection now online in Dubai.
Precious Hair Oil Shine and Nutrition
Precious Hair Oil brings nutrition shine and softness to the hair. This deliciously scented beauty treatment restructures the lengths and creates a film of light around the fiber.
Purifying Mask Before Shampooing
The Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask offers a real capillary reset by absorbing and eliminating pollution and impurities from the scalp and lengths.
Regenerating Treatment Mask
The Regenerating Care Mask with four vegetable oils allows an overall regeneration of the scalp and lengths. It energizes the hair bulb to strengthen the vigor of sensitized hair from the root.
Leonor Greyl
Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Scalp
The perfect antidote to sensitive or irritated scalps this treatment offers swift soothing and purifying benefits. Delivered via a roll-on bottle it allows precise applications on targeted areas.