Le Gourmet

The concept

Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet celebrates and promotes a fresh, organic and artisanal gourmet experience.  Developed under award-winning chefs initially, Galeries Lafayette’s philosophy revolves around bringing back conviviality, sophisticated and authentic flavors at good prices.

Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet is about redefining the quintessential of authentic gourmet experience.  Food remains at the soul of everything we do.  Every ingredient we use is carefully considered from its original authentic producer to our trustworthy partners in order to ensure traceability. We celebrate flavors and promote authentic, honest and artisanal food. Therefore, we draw inspiration from the finest artisans and craftsmen of the world.  Every ingredient we use is cautiously well-thought-out – where it came from, how it is prepared and how the elements perfectly come together. For instance, our menus and specialty retail range feature olive oils from the trees that are no less than a hundred years old; the finest honey from Yemen; the incredible Dibba Bay oysters from Fujairah; Mariage Freres, the oldest tea house in Paris or local chicken from Al Rawda farms – yet another quality local products that is fully sustainable, hormone and antibiotic free.

Behind each product there is a delightful story that we love to share with you and that will instantly add meaning to your culinary experience. Amongst our top priority remains authenticity which is whyeach of our kitchens has its own scintillating team of chefs creating all fragrant dishes on site and controlling 100% of our recipes. Furthermore, to master the culinary know-how we continue to train and develop our young team of chefs because we encourage blossoming ideas and succulent possibilities.

Le Gourmet stands out from the crowd thanks to its unparalleled experience and the instant charm of the quality of the ingredients and menu selection.  From a delectable cheese tasting and delicacies to the Zen space or the enjoyable crowd-friendly atmosphere - Le Gourmet is a little oasis of gastronomic experience.


Bring people together for unprecedented palate experience using only delectable ingredients with integrity.


Establishing a unique food hall and a leading culinary destination in the region through authentic and memorable food experiences.

Core values

Authenticity / Value / Quality / Diversity / Experience / Ingredient-driven

About Le Gourmet

Established in 2009, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet has established itself as the leading food hall in the region.  The spacious food hall is defined into three sections:

The lounge

Bright and comfortable dining area offers a relaxed dining experience with comfortable sofas, banquet style seating and easy access. Overlooking the beautifully prepared pastry section, all of which are made in-house by our endowed chefs patissiers. An experience one should not overlook when visiting Le Gourmet. Our fragrant coffee bar offers a signature blend of coffee exclusive to Le Gourmet as well as an in-house roasted single origin coffee. Experience the real art of coffee-making and roaster via the aromatic coffee tastes by our team of talented baristas.

The kitchens

At the back of Le Gourmet is where our kitchen is located and where all the magic takes place. Featuring seven specialty kitchens, witness an unraveled lively cooking presentation through our live cooking journeys.  Discover the dynamic sounds of cooking utensils, the aromas of fresh ingredients and the fragrant smells of an exceptional gastronomic experience echoing from each of Le Gourmet’s eminent kitchens for a genuine experience. The Le Gourmet culinary principles run through each of the kitchens, ensuring the best possible ingredients are used with a homemade approach to each of our recipes.  Le Gourmet also hosts handpicked culinary partners to add to the diversity. Izu bakery is the latest addition to the concept which now allows Le Gourmet as well as an in-house roasted single origin coffee. Experience the real art of coffee-making and roaster via the aromatic coffee tastes by our team of talented baristas.

Gourmet grocery

Explore the most elegant foods and some of the finest selection of decadent produce at Le Gourmet. Famed for its incredible range of artisan cheeses from all over Europe, La Fromagerieis a cheese-connoisseur destination.  Upon your cheese tour at Le Gourmet, let the team enlighten you about the origins and the seasonal handmade cheeses to make it a chatty and flamboyant experience. On another note, the cold cuts’ selection from La Charcuterie offer both halal and non-halal ranges from Italy, France and Spain. Izu Bakery, located next to La Fromagerie complements your cheese selection with the most incredible daily in-house fresh-baked breads. Stand from the crowd when gifting any gastronome and select products from our wide grocery variety. Our collection ranges from a succulent assortment of sumptuous, traditional and high-end chocolates, authentic raw honey from Balqees, indulgent and perfumed teas from Marriage Frères and inimitable extra virgin olive oils to aged balsamic. Choose from this matchless variety to tailor-make your very own perfect hamper to pamper your loved ones.

Something for the kids

Following the same core values that drive us every day (ingredients matter), we encourage kids to eat well and healthy and help them discover new savors. The little ones have a wide range of options from different kitchens to choose from starting from the Asian oodles of noodles, the Grill steak & chips or freshly made pasta.

Events & catering

Le Gourmet Events and Catering launched in 2012, due to high demand and appreciation for Le Gourmet’s delights from clients. Hence, the goal was to bring Le Gourmet’s expertise and inspiration near you. Building trust with our clients in The Middle East is essential for us. We believe our culinary expertise, gracious professionals and meticulous service industry speaks for itself. Our fresh and original menus reflect our spirits of tradition, passion and proficiency and we are endowed enough to be working with chefs from ten different regions.  With a strong network of clients established, including leading tech firms, luxury fashion and retail brands as well as premium automotive brands, the Events & Catering team is driving new standards within its sector and will continue to innovate, grow and develop its business. If you are interested in our catering services, please contact us and a representative from our team will get in touch with you.

For Event Inquiries

Email: GL.Gourmet@medsdubai.com
Phone: +97143399933 Ext 2385
WhatsApp: +971506549388

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