Hair Styling Tools

Hair Control Treatment
A luxurious treatment full of vitamins that improve your hair quality and leave you with a tick, strength and grown hair. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
Hair Powder
Dry and invisible, this powder will change your life with its formula that adds volume and fullness to your hair without even feeling it. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
Solaris Laboratories
LED Hair Brush
An advanced hair and scalp treatment technology to help prevent hair loss and reverse thinning hair. The brush has 28 silicone bristles that vibrate to promote circulation.
Dariia Day
Mulberry Medium Silk Scrunchie
Suitable for all hair lengths, thick or thin, curly or straight. This silk scrunchie is the beauty secret of celebrity hairstyle and the perfect addition to your beauty regiment.
Dariia Day
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie Small
Say goodbye to hair breakage and say hello to longer and healthier hair with these luxurious day-to-night silk scrunchies.
Phytobuste and Decollete
Intensive firming treatment to beautify the bust and smooth the cleavage.
Protective Hair Perfume
Provide your hair with a high protection and a fine fragrance for a shiny healthy hair. Shop the collection online in Dubai.
Volume Powder
Maximize your hair volume using Volume Powder that has the ability to pep up dull with its matte finish. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.