• AED 53.00 - AED 2,597.00


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Opus VII Reckless Leather EDP
Evoking the conflicts between the past and the future of being, Opus VII brings harmony and recklessness together in a masterful green, animal, and woody composition.
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Opus V Woods Symphony Eau de Parfum
The art of living is fragmented by the way knowledge and information travel on the internet. Opus V is a floral and woody fragrance inspired by the classical and modern methods of disseminating knowledge.
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Opus XII Rose Incense Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the uncertainty of the rosebud mystery in Citizen Kane, Rose Incense is an ambery and pointillist constellation of gleaming moments whose beauty compels one to believe that only childhood memories are real.
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Sports Car Club Eau De Parfum
A dazzling woody aromatic fragrance for women and men thats perfect for every season. season. Sports club trickles desirability and captivation with contemporary smoothing of edges while the warmer traits extend when the deeper hours arise.
Emporio Armani
Stronger With You Oud Eau de Parfum
Capturing perfumerys most sensuous and subtle accords. Stronger With You by Armani is a fougere ambery and woody scent that is laced with a rich, opulent, and woody oud. Embracing with mysterious lavandin and alluring vanilla for a poignant impact.
Carolina Herrera
Confidential True Oud Eau De Parfum
This new unisex fragrance explores the least known facets of oud -its floral features -combining sustainably grown Oud with ten other responsibly produced accords to recreate the same nuances as Oud used in the air as incense.
By Kilian
Shield Of Protection Eau De Cologne
Kologne, Shield of protection takes a classic out to party. With luminous citrus notes throughout, Kologne, Shield of protection is a splash of freshness.
Yves Saint Laurent
Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Babycat
Babycat twists the animalic subtly warm suede accord with a suave sensual vanilla, for a sulphurous yet sophisticated scent.A feline pattern a wild fragrance for the unpredictable.
Giorgio Armani
Indigo Tanzanite Eau De Parfum
An evocation of the mysterious atmosphere of the plains and sumptuous skins of Tanzania at dusk, recalling the purple-blue color of the tanzanite stone.
Giorgio Armani
Magenta Tanzanite Eau De Parfum
An imaginary magenta declination of tanzanite stone,paying homage to the warm atmosphere of the waking savannah, a moment suspended in time,between the serenity of dawn and the tension of wild nature.
The Merchant Of Venice
VINEGIA 21 Eau De Parfum
A fragrance that transports us on a journey into the richness and magnificence of the most recious raw materials. The gold of saffron illuminates the oriental and spicy notes.
Etat Libre D orange
Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum
The Ghost in the Shell scent speaks about human phenomena while releasing a compelling, seductive draw. The scent evokes a sensation of liberation while_ spreading_to the other around you. It is the perfect blend of style and modernism in a bottle.
By Kilian
Noir Aphrodisiaque Refill EDP
A chocolate overdose spiked with jasmine from India and luminous cedrat from Italy gives Noir Aphrodisiaque its sensual, aphrodisiac quality
AU 79 Eau De Parfum
A remarkable creation that opens with gourmet, aphrodisiac notes, rich in cinnamon and nutmeg, which then flows into a strong heart, dominated by woody notes.
Silver Oud Eau De Parfum
Inspired by the themes expressed in The Red and the Black,particularly the notions of Confusion,Passion and Destruction,Silver Oud is a manifestation of the tension between idealism and realism.
Ellis Brooklyn
Fawn Eau de Parfum
Fawn is inspired by coming of age novels-how memorable and lingering they are-and the sweet innocence and underlying sexuality of growing up.
Ellis Brooklyn
Raven Eau de Parfum
This stunning peony-patchouli vies for the same complexity of character developing into a heady olfactive brew underlined by blond woods and liquid musks.
Ellis Brooklyn
Fable Eau de Parfum
The gorgeous initial bloom plays with dewy violet petitgrain and honeysuckle before being rounded by the warmth of crisp amber and cedarwood.
Ellis Brooklyn
Myth Eau de Parfum
A sophisticated fragrance for the senses for the gods and worthy of the myths it will create
Ellis Brooklyn
Salt Eau De Parfum
Salty skin the creamy heat of the sun and a whiff of tropical florals Salt is sensual complex and soul-healing.
Les Exceptions Over The Musk
The fresh floral, petal-like facet of ambrette is paired with edgy black pepper and vibrant woody notes, offering a scent as surprising as it is alluring.
Les Exceptions Woodissime
A woody overdose dominated by the wood of Oud blended with a false ingenuous ingredient: Osmanthus flower. A proper disruption of the classic woodsy symphony with unexpected floral-fruity notes.
Les Exceptions Hot Cologne
An overload of Mirabelle Plum facets blended with Blonde Tobacco. A surprising and provocatively addictive fragrance that shakes up this fruity scent.
Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet
A bouquet of white flowers with top notes of orange blossom, lily of the valley and Sambac jasmine, bound up with a delicious and unexpected brioche accord.