For Men

Le Soir Eau de Parfum
Nightfall brings with it a mysterious air of seduction and intensity with this deep perfume.An overdose of two lavender essences reveal their intensity.To further bring out the sensuality in them,a noble note of oakwood extract has been selected.
Le Matin Eau de Toilette
With a citrus fougere accord marked by a surprising duo of lavandin and ginger,this perfume is an invigorating and contemporary take on the legendary Pour Un Homme de.It is deep, sensual and delightful.
Rose Croquante Eau de Toilette
Combining the aquatic and invigorating freshness of cucumber with the exquisite essence of a Turkish rose,this sweet smelling perfume is an absolute gem.A natural composition that glows with a crisp radiance, underlined by a pleasant dose of sass.
Pour Un Homme Shampoo
Bring out your true masculine energy with this clean, deep and aromatic shampoo. It is a clean smelling, delightfully deep, it carries irresistible, sensual scents for an edgy luxurious smell.
Pour Un Homme Refillable EDT
The perfect balance between the freshness of lavender and the opulence of vanilla,this perfume is an elegant alchemy.Starting with the finest quality French lavender,blended with vanilla,creating an exceptional smooth and rich touch.
M Micallef
Red Colorado Eau De Parfum
Dedicated to lovers of the great outdoors. This perfume offers a powerful wake on this flamboyant nature and what it has most, the power of freedom. Raw and invigorating, it deploys a revitalizing grip, then escapes of intoxicating woody scents.
Gentleman Society Eau De Parfum
Infused with smooth natural whisky absolute, this fragrance has been crafted in grasse using aromatic barley from refined scottish distillery. Its created by olivier cresp and nathalie lorson.
Gentleman Society Deodorant Stick
A stick deodorant, with woody fougere notes, for instant freshness and long-lasting action, while making a daily ritual that boosts the fragrances lasting intensity.
Gentleman Society Shower Gel
This body and hair shower gel allows to gently clean the body and hair, carrying the olfactory signature of gentleman eau de toilette, but with some distinct notes of iris, patchouli, black pepper, black vanilla and tolu balm.
Stronger With You Oud Eau de Toilette For Men Emporio Armani
Stronger With You Oud Eau de Toilette For Men Emporio Armani
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Emporio Armani
Stronger With You Oud Eau de Toilette
A fougere scent that leads with amber, wood and oud for a more powerful, opulent interpretation of the original fragrance. These rich, earthy notes blend with alluring lavandin and vanilla to create an evocative scent.
Clive Christian
Original Collection No1 Masculine
Its a majestic woody amber with top notes of pimento and sparkling lime, a heart of exotic florals and spices diffuse into a base of vetiver and tonka bean.
Clive Christian
Original Collection 1872 Masculine Edp
This woody citrus perfume comes with herbaceous textures from invigorating clary sage combined with energetic black pepper and petitgrain. It lifts aromatic cedarwood and frankincense from the base.
Clive Christian
Original Collection X Masculine Edp
A distinctive and compelling woody spicy perfume composed using natures finest aphrodisiacs, while leaving a perfumed kiss in the wearers wake. Emphasizing a singular complex blend of extracts including fresh cardamom and fiery ginger.
Clive Christian
Noble Collection XXL Vanilla Orchid Edp
A feminine amber floral fragrance, created with galbanum and hyacinth, as top notes, middle notes consist of vanilla orchid and lily-of-the-valley, based with vanilla.
Clive Christian
Noble Collection XXL Cypress Edp
This masculine perfume spray is a citrus, oriental fragrance of zesty notes combined with exotic, warm spices from clove, ginger and nutmeg, then merged with hints of oakwood.
Clive Christian
Noble Collection XX Water Lily Edp
This perfume is a floral chypre fragrance that leaves a lingering, delicate impression. Its effervescent top of aldehydes and green notes and exquisite floral heart fall wistfully into a soft musky complexity in its base.
Clive Christian
Noble Collection XX Papyrus Edp
Inspired by the art nouveau and its romantic movements, emphasizes a robust, musky fragrance, aromas inclined by exploration and discovery, while hiding inside a shock of pink pepper and warm ginger.
Clive Christian
Noble Collection Immortelle Edp
Charmingly known as the everlasting flower thanks to its golden petals which never fade, this herbaceous perfume combines with juniper and fiery black pepper awakening deep hidden layers of indian sandalwood, musky papyrus and smokey vetiver.
Ormonde Jayne
Ormonde man Eau de Parfum Spray
Complex and full of character,sultry and mystical,the fragrance exudes soft woody notes,but it is the infusion of Oudh oil - the most prized essence in the world since time immemorial- that sets it apart,elevating the scent to one of true distinction
Estee Lauder
Youth Dew Roll-on Deodorant
Glides on smoothly and comfortably, without whitening and provides effective yet gentle protection against wetness. It is richly scented with Youth-Dew. Absolutely captivating, with opulent flowers, rich spices, and precious woods.
Goutal Paris
Ninfeo Mio Eau de Toilette Spray
Imagine yourself in a marvelous garden, that of the Hesperides, one breathes in the scent of a green fig, mixed with the juicy freshness of citrus fruits- this is what Goutal and Doyen have created with Ninfeo Mio.