For Men

Paco Rabanne
1 Million Cologne Eau de Toilette
This new eau de toilette evokes the exhilarating freshness of a festive end of the evening. The dizzying splash of a fresh marine accord and a citrus cocktail.
Paco Rabanne
1 Million Intense Eau de Toilette
A woody and oriental Eau de Toilette exudes your strong masculinity and makes you unique with its intense scent.
Paco Rabanne
1 Million Lucky Eau de Toilette
Go extreme and be addicted to this magnificent 1 Million Lucky thrills the sense with its woody scent.
Histoires De Parfums
1804 Eau De Parfum
An Eau de Parfum featuring exotics made particularly for romantic ambitious and passoniate women.
Carolina Herrera
212 Vip Black Eau de Parfum
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Red is defined as an Oriental Fougere fragrance. A breath of spice opens up the emission of aromas, including allspice, cardamom, and ginger. Refreshing heart notes mingle with absinthe to create a ever lasting scent.
Carolina Herrera
212 VIP Black Eau de Parfum
An energetic and spicy fragrance enhances your confident boldness and makes you seductive endlessly with its undertones of dark musk and vanilla. Buy it online now in Dubai.
Carolina Herrera
212 VIP Men Eau de Toieltte
This fragrance captures the fresh energy of the rule-breakers,the young leaders showing the way. A blend at once fresh and woody, this unique scent combines intriguing notes of caviar lime with a hint of frozen mint for a vibrant result.
Carolina Herrera
212 VIP Men Eau de Toilette
A fresh woody fragrance that captures the fresh energy of handsome leaders. reserved exclusively for those who dare. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
Carolina Herrera
212 VIP Men Wins Eau de Parfum
Created with New Yorks energetic spirit and fearless sense of confidence in mind, 212 combines a sense of past and present into refreshingly modern scents.
Giorgio Armani
Acqua di Gio Eau de Parfum
Aqua di GiO Profondo is a captivating deep-dive into the profoundness of the soul embracing the values of freedom sensoriality and modern masculinity revealing an ever more profound dimension.
Giorgio Armani
Acqua di Gio Eau de Toilette
It is the arid and secret shore of the island of Pantelleria where Giorgio Armani likes to relax that inspired this perfume.
Giorgio Armani
Acqua Di Gio Profumo Eau de Parfum
Fresh bergamot and marine accords are paired with the deep captivating radiance of incense- an inspiring and seductive rich material creating a profoundly intense and adventurous aromatic fragrance
Giorgio Armani
Acqua di Gio Refillable Eau de Parfum
Acqua di Gio Eau de Parfum is a long-lasting cologne for men where marine notes blend with mandarin, sage, vetiver, and patchouli. This mens fragrance is captured in a refillable bottle and is perfect for lovers of the classic Acqua di Gio
Salvatore Ferragamo
Acqua Essenziale Blu 100 ml
Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Blu Eau de Toilette is deluge of incredible freshness that will keep you energized for hours on end.
Salvatore Ferragamo
Acqua Essenziale Eau De Toilette
Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Acqua Essenziale Eau de Toilette is deluge of incredible freshness that will keep you energized for hours on end.
Agar Royal Eau de Parfum
Feel the heritage of India while wearing one of the special Eau de Parfum with its oud and fresh spicy fragrance.
Agar Wood Eau De Parfum
Deep, dark notes define Dunhill s Agar Wood, bringing together ginger and bergamot to build a distinctly mysterious eau de parfum.
Amber Malaki Eau de Parfum
An Eau de Parfum that evokes the soft yet intense scent of amber allows you to sense the oriental scent and attract anyone around.
Reminiscence Paris
Ambre Eau De Toilette
Let Ambre Eau De Toilette exudes your femininity and allows you to captivate the sight of everyone once smelling the scent of this oriental woody fragrance.
Amen Rubber Eau de Toilette
An Oriental Woody Spicy. A distinctive fragrance composed around 2 dimensions an Ardent Dimension of Patchouli and a vigorous dimension of Coffee absolute.
Angel Men Eau De Toilette
A bold, magnetic Eau de Toilette for seductive masculinity. Directly inspired by a whiskey flask and marked with a star.
Arabian Desert Eau de Parfum
Enjoy the Arabian exotic scent with charming oriental notes and have the chance to experience Arabian ambiance. Shop it online and have it delivered all over Dubai.
Giorgio Armani
Armani Code Absolu Gold Eau de Parfum
For the modern Armani Code man seduction is an art a lifestyle a perfect mastery of all codes. With Code Absolu L Homme Code adds a bold sensual and addictive new code of seduction to its bow.
Giorgio Armani
Armani Code Eau de Parfum
The Armani Code perfume is a_earthy mens aroma that inspires intense yet effortless charm. Because of the torrefied Tonka Bean Absolute and the additions of Vanilla, Natural Cedar, and a Suede accord, the base notes bring a new olfactory perception.
Giorgio Armani
Armani Code Eau de Toilette
Discover Armani Code Eau de Parfum a sensual and woody mens fragrance that conjures the mood of an intense yet effortless seduction.
Ashore Woman Eau de Parfum
On the coast of Ras Al Jinz in midsummer when the sun is in the middle of the sky, Ashore portrays a mirage of the senses.
By Kilian
Back to Black Aphrodisiac EDP
Languid honey laced with sweet spices mingles with mysterious smoky incense essence and vanilla absolute,making Back to Black Aphrodisiac a nourishingly yet addictive substance
Carolina Herrera
Bad Boy Cobalt Eau de Parfum
This fragrance is energizing and puts a bold spin on the duality of modern masculinity. Its fusion of sexiness and wild freshness makes it elegant and inspires the man to be himself and confident. Reinterprets a lightning bolt to express strength.
Carolina Herrera
Bad Boy Eau de Parfum
Be a bold boy and break rules with no regret wearing this provocative and enigmatic fragrance featuring spicy and aromatic notes of black pepper and geranium. Buy it online now in Dubai.
Carolina Herrera
Bad Boy Eau de Toilette
A bold and sophisticated fragrance that combines notes of Black and White Pepper symbolizing your heroic strength. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
By Kilian
Bamboo Harmony Eau De Parfum
Bamboo harmony is pure and delicate.The aroma of white tea spiked with citrus and green mimosa lift the opening of bergamot and invite you to a calm meditative state,lying on a bed of soft green moss
Tom Ford
Beau De Jour Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Beau de Jour describes the perfect gentleman for whom every detail matters. Always exhibiting the best version of himself to the world.
Carolina Herrera
Bergamot Bloom Eau de Parfum
A radiant and citrus fragrance exudes your sensation of elegance and provides you with a sparkling freshness for a daily use. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
Giorgio Armani
Bleu Lazuli Eau De Parfum
Captivated by Indian spirituality and mysticism Giorgio Armani dedicates the latest additions to La Collection les Terres Precieuses to India.
Giorgio Armani
Bleu Turquoise Eau de Parfum
Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli a duo of unisex fragrances capturing the designer s vision of the country s soul. It is a mythical idea of India that inspires as much as its reality.
The Merchant Of Venice
Blue Tea Eau de Parfum
With the addition of blue tea and musk this fragrance marks its touch and makes you addicted to its smell. Buy it online now in Dubai.
Born in Roma Coral Fantasy EDP
Born In Roma Coral Fantasy is an Amber fruity scent composed of colorful Red Apple accord blended with Tobacco accord and Patchouli essence. The provocative heart fuses with Sage and Geranium essences to create a fresh yet powerful fragrance.
Born In Roma Yellow Dream EDT
Aromatic sage and smoked vetiver give the classic Valentino couture signature which is shaken by cool vibrating facet of mineral salt and spicy ginger to give this fragrance an unmistakable edge.
British Leather Eau de Parfum
Dive deep into yourself and sense the strong masculinity and courage you have by wearing this amazing Eau de Parfum. Buy it online now in Dubai. Delivery Available.
Carolina Herrera
Bronze Tonka Eau de Parfum
An exotic and opulent fragrance captures the beauty and elegance of eastern scent to provide you a warm and sweet sensation. Shop the collection online now in Dubai.
Cargo De Nuit Eau De Parfum
Live your perfect nocturnal adventure wearing Cargo De Nuit Eau De Parfum and sense the soft notes of musks and wood.
Century Blue Eau de Parfum
A woody citrus fragrance that refresh your soul and mind everytime you wear it with its aromatic woody scent. Shop it online and have it delivered all over Dubai.
Century Eau de Parfum
Light and fresh make it your daily companion and enjoy its splendid composition of aromatic spicy scent. Shop it online and have it delivered all over Dubai.
Changing Constance Eau de Parfum
Changing Constance Sister of Lady Blanche Constance is definitely what you might call a modern woman. Sign of the times and what do you want the times they are a Changing.
Designer Shaik
Chic Shaik No.70 Eau de Parfum
A woody ambery fragrance exudes your power and masculinity and let you sense the beauty and romance of Arabia. Shop it online and have it delivered all over Dubai.
Chypre Silver Eau de Parfum
Chypre Silver as refreshing and mysterious as a moonlight on a forest pond it is a rare gem among scents both sophisticated and incredibly evocative of Nature.
Atelier Des Ors
Ch_ur Des Anges Eau de Parfum
A luminous floral fragrance celebrates a poetic color joy and scent giving you instant happiness while wearing it. Shop it online and have it delivered all over Dubai.
Ciel Woman Eau de Parfum
This radiant fragrance of freshness is rich in floral and light notes reminiscent of the serenity of the blue skies of spring.
Clandestine Clara Tender is the night...
Clandestine Clara Tender is the night and sometimes the afternoon for Lord George and Clara his irresistible whim his lovely mistress his sweet dancer.
Giorgio Armani
Code Absolut Eau de Parfum
Giorgio Armanis bold, charismatic fragrance features an enticing top note of rum accord with hints of vanilla that produces a unique perfume. Complement an evening ensemble with this captivating scent to attract a lot of attention.
Giorgio Armani
Code Colognia Eau de Toilette
This Code Colonia elegance is that of a man who knows how to wear discreet and informal clothes with the right measure and whose ease gives him a certain power of seduction.
Crimson Rocks Eau de Parfum
Crimson Rocks evokes the majesty of the Al Hajar Mountains in all their twilight glory. Standing at the top, one is enveloped in a sweet feeling of peace.
Boucheron Paris
Cuir de Venise Eau de Toilette
A warm and enveloping woody leathery Eau de Parfum faceted by sophisticated scents and sublimated by warm and spicy tones.
By Kilian
Dark Lord Reffilable Eau De Parfum
This perfume is a head-twisting mix of shadows and light, it seduces in seconds with its elegant, long-lasting accords of leather and strong vetiver.
Day For Night Eau De Parfum
Wear this Eau de Parfum day and night and make it your everyday companion featuring slightly sweet amber notes.
Donna Born In Roma Eau De Toilette
Sage and smoky vetiver bear witness to Valentinos couture signature awakened by the vibrant freshness of the salty accord and the spiciness of spicy ginger.
Giorgio Armani
Eau d Aromes Eau de Toilette
Enjoy this luxurious and sophisticated fragrance made essentially with vibrant ginger spciy chili pepper and warm amber.
Eau de Cologne Endymion
Eau de Cologne Endymion 100 ml
Giorgio Armani
Eau de Nuit Eau de Toilette
Eau de Nuit is not a simple perfume. It is a unique blend that evokes purity, simplicity and elegance.
Eau de Parfum Amethyst Eclat
Amethyst Eclat a radiant and luminous fragrance sublimated by a dazzling Peony which blooms in majesty in a gourmet garden of Red Fruits.
Mont Blanc
Eau de Parfum Legend
Confident and assured the Legend man fully lives his emotions his courage and his convictions. But without saying a word we feel his determination his charisma and his authenticity.
Atelier Cologne
Eau De Parfum Patchouli Riviera
A Cologne Absolute in love with freedom where the freshness of Pomelo underlines the woody spicy and airy alliance of the heart of Patchouli and star anise.
Mont Blanc
Eau de Toilette Legend
Inspired by the most emblematic objects of the house it is intended for a charismatic sensual and inspiring man. Contemporary it is nevertheless part of a heritage of values.
Mont Blanc
Eau de Toilette Legend Spirit
Maison Montblanc presents a new dimension of charisma and elegance.
Tom Ford
Edp Ombre Leather
The tactile sensuality of rich black leather textured with addictive patchouli and vetiver envelops like a second skin. The perfume s floral tones of jasmine sambac.
Egyptian Smoke Eau De Parfum
Premium quality is at the heart of everything Dunhill produces, with such impeccable standards upheld through the Egyptian Smoke eau de parfum.